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Patriot Viper RAM

Patriot Memory announced today the results of their extensive compatibility testing with AM4 Ryzen 5 and 7 platforms. Working together with major motherboard manufacturers, the firm tested their Viper 4, Viper Elite, and Signature Line DDR4 memory modules on X370 and B350 chipsets. When using compatible configurations from single to four module kits, Patriot states that users can rely on their memory to “deliver maximum performance at factory-tested speeds.” Speeds range from the entry level 2133MHz all the way up to 3400MHz. Patriot Viper RAM

This testing and the subsequent announcement comes at a welcome time. Since Ryzen’s launch earlier this year, reports of overclocking difficulties have plagued the platform and is in many cases directly related to memory speeds. By default, Ryzen supports memory up to 2666MHz. Modules operating beyond those speeds do so through overclocking supported through embedded profiles (XMPs) included on most major motherboards. Many users purchasing memory beyond the limit, and sometimes anything beyond the lowest supported speed of 2133MHz, found their new CPU facing instability with even modest overclocks. Patriot hopes to remedy those challenges and offer users stability out of the box.

A full list of compatible modules can be found at the Patriot Website.

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