Payday 2 Updated & New DLC Revealed

Payday 2

Payday 2 fans will be thrilled to hear that a brand new update has been deployed for the PC version on Steam. Overkill developers made the announcement yesterday for their co-op heist shooter. The update brings a number of significant changes to the game’s Infamy System as well as some new Spanish language options. In addition, devs revealed four DLC packs that can be purchased separately.

The DLC packages are:

  • Buluc’s Mansion Heist ($6.99) where players work to bring down the Coyopa Cartel and claim a pair of unlocks, the Impresario and the Undead Peacock.
  • Gunslinger Weapon Pack ($2.99) that offers a trio of different guns: the Bernetti Rangehitter Sniper Rifle, the Reinfeld 88 Shotgun, or the Frenchman Model 87 Revolver.
  • The Tailor Pack 3 ($2.99) features two new outfits with four variants each. In addition, 8 new gloves (and variants) are included.
  • Weapon Color Pack 3 ($2.99) is, as the name implies, a way for players to customize their weapons with 20 new colors that can be applied to any gun.

The Infamy System has been expanded to provide players with additional challenges. As players work through the Infamy System, they will progress to its max level and unlock additional rewards along the way. These rewards include “4 color variants of a special infamy suit, 4 gloves and 16 weapon colors, all unique to the infamy system” as well as the Join Stingers item and 16 new join sound effects. These 40 infamous rewards are already available and 35 more will be coming in a future update.

Check out all of the details including the full patch notes by visiting the Payday 2 Steam page.

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