PeekingBoo Beats Cuphead With DDR Mat

Cuphead DDR mat

When beating the game a normal way is not enough, fans do speedruns. When the difficulty is not scratching the hardcore edge, gamers turn to unusual tools and ways. But sometimes they combine them together.  A Speedrunner known as PeekingBoo stomped through Cuphead in 1 hour and 24 minutes using a Dance Dance Revolution mat.

He had already used this method to beat such games as Super Mario Sunshine and Shovel Knight. Here is what he said to Kotaku:

In order to do any action, I pretty much have to sacrifice all of my others, so to dodge attacks I can’t jump or shoot. To switch weapons I have to press a switch on the arcade cabinet itself. The whole setup for play relies on having the best weapon selected before starting a stage and having a lot of foresight for the upcoming attacks to allow enough time to react.

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