Perchang Rolls Onto Switch Today


Perchang, an unusual cross between Lemmings and a game of marbles is out on Switch and it has a brand new trailer. Sc-ROLL on down to find out more about this fascinating new teaser.

Seemingly intent on reminding us that video games are a mindless pursuit, but not in the way you might expect, Perchang brought its marble madness to mobile gamers back in 2016. Now, the Nintendo Switch plays host to a puzzler that takes a simple concept and twists it into a very different challenge. Perchang is essentially a game where players are challenged to get tiny spherical objects from one place to another. Wonder how that makes a game? Check out the Switch trailer below.

As marbles pop out of their emitter and make their way across a range of courses, players will find a series of obstacles interrupt their path. In order to get around these problems, Perchang throws in a range of contraptions. Flippers, jump pads, levers, and magnets can activate by hitting the correct color button. With 60 levels in total, 10 of which are bonus encounters, Perchang adds up to be a balance of skill and ingenuity. Also, did we mention the explosions?

Published by Chilled Mouse, who recently also recently released Chime Sharp, Perchang might seem minimalist but it received positive feedback when it first made its way onto mobile. Now, it is available from the Nintendo eShop for $9.99. If you want to find out more about this challenge check out the official Perchang website or Steam store page for more.

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