Perhaps now is the time to push Trump off the cliff?


Two weeks ago this “game”  was brought to my attention and I jokingly thought I might write about it yet didn’t. However, today it has come across my twitter feed again showing me that the 3 million hits on this “game” those two weeks ago have now turned to  6 million (and counting) piquing my interest again.

What game am I talking about and why do I keep quoting ‘game?’


Push Trump off a cliff again <– that’s why.

The reason I decided to write this is that I cannot decide if this is worthy of the title “game.” Yes I know it’s about a president that represents a country and all that official, world changing stuff but I am an avid, hardcore gamer and I am uncertain if it’s the subject or how basic this “game” is that keeps me indecisive.

Created by Justin Hook former writer of Fox show “Bob’s Burgers” and recently put in the spotlight by Rosie O’Donnell who tweeted this game out creating some backlash. Justin Hook seems to be on a mission to discredit President Trump, also creating a chrome extension that changes Trump tweets to [garble].


I bet we can all collect hundreds of times politics and games have never mingled well in game chats or on game platforms because for many, games are for escaping the serious sides of life. Different countries, beliefs, and religions with complete strangers also lend unavoidable disagreements no matter which side you are on however is it crossing the line using actual people especially leaders of countries for such characters like this one and in this manner?

I’m still over here deciding to quote or unquote whether it’s a “game” and may never decide let alone get to moral decisions but I sure would like to know what you think!

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