Persona 5: Meet The Twin Wardens Caroline & Justin

When one Warden is not enough...

Persona 5 is an RPG by Atlus for PS4 as well as PS4. It tells about internal as well as external conflict of its characters. They live daily life of usual schoolkids while also going to fantastical adventures after. The protagonists possess a special power to enter the hearts of people that comes from the Persona.

Velvet Room is a realm the protagonist can visit to fuse and manipulate Personas.

Where do twins make their appearance in Persona 5?

Since the protagonist is a prisoner of his own Velvet Room, he must earn the privilege of being a Persona mad scientist. Although basic fusion and registration are immediately available to the prisoner, features such as advanced/network fusion, training, strengthening, and others are not.

That’s where players meet the twins. Caroline & Justine are the protagonist’s assistants as well as jailors. They will look over him during his stay. In case you can’t tell them apart by looks, Caroline is the mean one while Justine is nice.

You can learn more about the game and the Velvet Room on the official site.

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