Persona 10? It Could Be With All the New Domains Atlus Registered

Persona 10

Persona 10 may be part of your world if the domains registered by Atlus are a view to the future. According to more than a few sites, Atlus has snapped up domains for Persona 8-10 as well as P5U, P3D, P5AG, P5R, Persona-Dance, and PQ2.

The happy sighs of P5 fans at a future including Persona 10….

There is no question that Persona 8-10 are in the realm of “wishful thinking” by Atlus, but at the same time, there’s no denying the wild success of Persona 5. Obviously, two of the domains point either at DLC or expansions. This fits, of course, since Persona 4 scored more than a few spin-offs and add-ons. Persona Dance would fit nicely with the P4 spin-off Dancing All Night.

IGN speculates that P5D could stand for Persona 5: Dancing All Night and P5U may indicate Persona 5 Arena Ultramax.

Whatever the games ultimately become, there’s no question that Atlus is invested in the series. Fans should be twitterpated over today’s news.

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