PF: WotR – Update 1.1.4d Is Here

PF WotR - Update 1.1.4d Is Here

Owlcat Games, the developers of cRPG Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, introduced a new update 1.1.4d that fixes issues with Arueshalae’s romance ending and introduces a variety of changes such as negative effects displaying first on your characters’ portraits. Also, Sosiel will draw in inappropriate places less often now.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, PF: WotR also released two new free DLC. Faces of War is a free addition that includes a couple of new portraits, new hairstyles, beards, and color options! And you will also be able to zoom in on your character in the character menu and take a closer look at their face.

You’ve heard stories of love conquering death, but old Sarkoris, currently known as the Worldwound, is far from a fairy-tale land. Visit a brand-new area in Act 5 and witness a celebration of love turned into a deadly trap — in the new free DLC Love Beyond Death.

As always, beware of possible plot spoilers in the list of changes below:


  • A dialogue with the vescavor queen in chapter 5 could be initiated multiple times – fixed;
  • Azata’s mentor won’t be present after switching to the path of Legend anymore;
  • In Camellia’s final quest, if either she of the player had an animal companion, the animal didn’t appear in the garden – fixed;
  • In the fifth chapter, if the entire group was invisible, Hal refused to start a conversation – fixed;
  • Seeking Forgiveness quest didn’t fail upon finishing the 3rd chapter – fixed;
  • Some players, who didn’t complete the Dusk of Dragons quest, were unable to open the door in Dragon Burial Ground – fixed, but if you’ve encountered this issue already, you will need to load an earlier save, where you haven’t approached the door yet;
  • Storyteller could say that Hulrun died in Iz even if he died long before that;
  • Suture could remain at the Fleshmarkets even after getting shipped to Colyphyr mines – fixed;
  • One of the romance outcomes with Arueshalae was unavailable – fixed (you may need to invite her to your bedroom once more).


  • Fixed a bug in Dragon Burial Ground, which didn’t allow to roll a skill check to squeeze through the crack in the rock;
  • Fixed the bug with the name of the area and the terrain type not being displayed on the mini map for the Blooming Meadow location;
  • Fixed the disappearance of the map exit in the Lost Chapel area upon loading a save during Sosiel’s quest;
  • In Areelu’s Laboratory companions, separated from the main group, would not react to the characters under the invisibility spell – fixed.


  • Bear’s Endurance, Song of the Second Breath, Ash Leprosy, Tumor now work according to their new description;
  • Bestow Wrath damage has been greatly increased;
  • Church Guards now have Aura of Onslaught with four uses;
  • Cultists now take half damage from Channel Negative Energy — Damage Living cast by them;
  • Cultists’ spell power has been moderately decreased;
  • Fixed the Tactical Superiority feat;
  • Flaming Rain didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Mariliths now have Unholy Aura;
  • Mighty Tempest damage has been greatly increased;
  • New feature has been added to Necromancers that allows them to cast Channel Negative – Damage Living without damaging themselves;
  • Overwhelming Shout now has two uses limit;
  • Retaliation of the Chain damage has been significantly increased and now depends on general’s Power;
  • Retaliation of the Chain now shows correctly as a global buff and a feature;
  • Royal Council’s Help gave 100 Conscripts instead of 1000 – fixed (peasants are not happy though);
  • Sometimes Necromancers healed themselves with Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead – fixed;
  • Song of Seasons didn’t resurrect units after healing – fixed;
  • Storm of Justice damage has been greatly increased;
  • Summoned large units could overlap with other units – fixed;
  • Test of Strength didn’t work correctly – fixed.
  • The animation of Painajai’s Chain Spear didn’t play – fixed;
  • The Harpoon ability now correctly pulls units with large creatures;
  • The logics of Formation abilities has been changed – now it is a permanent buff which can be changed during combat like a Fighter’s stance;
  • To Each Their Place didn’t calculate crit chance correctly – fixed;
  • Units’ feature display has been improved;
  • Visual effect of Flaming Rain is shown correctly now;
  • Visual effect of Inspired Advance is shown correctly now;
  • Visual effects of Place of Power, Acid Trap, Spring Trap and Weakening Trap have been changed.

Classes & Mechanics

  • Under Deny Death buff character remains permanently paralyzed after combat ends – fixed;
  • A saving throw To get out of Icy Prison was rolled against Caster Level, while it should have been 15+Caster Level – fixed;
  • Characters could be affected by Acid Fog while under the effects of Life Bubble – fixed;
  • Devastator now won’t rise from the dead after it’s killed;
  • Fixed Improved Critical (Mythic) for rays;
  • Heightened metamagic didn’t work correctly – fixed;
  • Keen kitsune’s Intelligence bonus will now correctly affect the Skill Points;
  • Life-Bonding Friendship used Charisma instead of Charisma modifier – fixed;
  • Mystic Theurge couldn’t choose spellbook of Skald – fixed;
  • Mystic Theurge couldn’t merge spellbook with Warpriest – fixed;
  • Pranked Oracle could miss Glitterdust and Mirror Image spells – fixed (ready to party now!);
  • Sometimes if the player refused to sign a contract to become a devil, Devil’s mythic level-up option was available anyway – fixed;
  • Zippy Magic was using extra slots from the rods – fixed.

Turn-based mode

  • If the player lost control of their mount while it was carrying its rider to execute a command (e.g. from Confusion), turn-based mode could get stuck – fixed;
  • Sometimes turn-based mode UI would not reappear after a cutscene interruption – fixed;
  • The battle could get stuck, when a character was killed by a status effect, and passed the turn to its caster (mostly happened with poisons) – fixed;
  • The mount could attack automatically, when you only hover the mouse over the potential target – fixed;
  • Touch spell could get stuck if you moved cursor quickly over another character’s portrait after casting it – fixed.


  • Clemency of Shadows didn’t always summon spiders – fixed;
  • Elemental Imbuement didn’t work as intended – fixed;
  • Items that give a DC bonus now also work with hexes (such as Glass Amulet of Clarity and Slumber);
  • Skinned Leather Cloak no longer affects dead enemies.


  • For Swarm-that-Walks, the swarm counter was conflicting with the kinetic burn counter – fixed;
  • Kestoglyr was missing a description after joining the player and before being taken into the active party – fixed;
  • Now the negative status effects will be displayed on the portraits first;
  • The loot window, which appears before exiting a location, only applied filters to the first group of loot – fixed.


  • A mount and a rider’s charge attack commands didn’t “know” about each other, and interacted weirdly – fixed;
  • Fixed the position of the Clawfall in combat;
  • Fixed visual issues during the cut-scene with Baphomet and the Hand of the Inheritor;
  • Some parts of a character could turn white when switching headgear or equipped items several times rapidly – fixed;
  • Mod window didn’t open in the Main Menu – fixed;
  • Sosiel will draw in inappropriate places less often now.
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