Phantom: Covert Ops Announced For Oculus Quest

nDreams, the award-winning virtual reality developer and publisher, announced Phantom: Covert Ops, the studio’s first title in development for the newly released virtual reality, gaming headset, the Oculus Quest. This stealth, action game was developed along with Oculus Studios. And it will also be released on the Oculus Rift platform in 2019 as well.

Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO at nDreams commented on the game’s reveal,

We have been developing VR games for more than five years, and Phantom: Covert Ops is the culmination of all that hard work and learning. I’m immensely proud of what the team has achieved, breaking new grounds in VR immersion to create a stealth action game built around 1:1 interactions, player choice, and an innovative and intuitive on-water movement mechanic.

About Phantom: Covert Ops

Phantom: Covert Ops Screenshot 1

Phantom: Covert Ops immerses players in the role of an elite and deadly covert operative. The year is 1991, the Cold War is over. Intelligence indicates a significant force consolidating at an inaccessible former Soviet naval base off the coast of the Black Sea. As an elite Phantom operative, you have been tasked with infiltrating the facility, and eliminating the threat if deemed necessary. You are dispatched into remote, hostile wetlands in a military kayak.

Phantom: Covert Ops delivers the tension and thrill of becoming a lethal military asset in virtual reality. The body-awareness technology, tactile interaction, and an array of weapons and tools combine to deliver incredible immersion. Phantom: Covert Ops encourages players to approach each enemy encounter in their own way. As an operative, you’ll trek across a campaign of missions with diverse objectives. Play your own way as you can utilise an expanding, upgradable arsenal of weapons and equipment to sneak silently in the shadows. Or cause distractions to create a path to the objective. Alternatively, you can ambush hostiles head-on by setting explosives and using the sniper rifle.

Phantom: Covert Ops will be available on Oculus Quest and the Rift platform in 2019.

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