Phantom Dust Re-Released For Free On Xbox One & PC

Phantom Dust

Phantom Dust originally launched in 2004 for Xbox. Later in 2014 Darkside Studio worked on an updated version of the action.  However, the developer studio closed before the game was complete.

Phantom Dust Re-Released For Free On Xbox One & PC

Over the last few days, Aaron Greenberg (head of Xbox Games marketing at Microsoft) made a couple of posts on Twitter about a free re-release of Phantom Dust for PC and Xbox One:

You can download the game as well as learn more about it from Microsoft site. Some of the listed features of the game are; cross-platform saves between Xbox One and Windows 10, controller support, free multiplayer starter arsenal and more.

The game is a mix of third-person arena combat and collectable card game. Players can find 300 unique skins as well as build their arsenal of power and look forward to battles online with up to three other players. The competition will take place in high-destructible arenas. Additionally, players can use a wide array of powers against their opponents, going as far as using orbital tactical cannons, flaming swords and much more. The game also features over 15 hours of solo story content exploring ideas of isolation and faith.

Phantom Dust for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC is a re-release of the original Xbox classic, now returning with full Xbox LIVE support and a host of enhancements, including Xbox Play Anywhere, cross-device multiplayer, achievements, and 16×9 presentation. It features new gameplay enhancements including multiplayer starter decks that let you jump straight into multiplayer, improved frame rate, and adjustments to overall game balance. Experience the cult classic that’s kept a passionate community playing to this day and a unique multiplayer experience that’s never been duplicated.

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