Pharaoh: A New Era Outlined Upcoming Fixes & Plans for the Game

Pharaoh A New Era Outlined Upcoming Fixes

With Pharaoh: A New Era now out for more than a week, developer Triskell Interactive and publisher Dotemu have shared a new Steam post to outline what’s next for the game. First of all, the team reassured players that developers are hard at work on bug fixes, prioritizing saves being corrupted or any other bug that prevents mission completion.

The team has also confirmed that the work on both mini-map and native ultrawide support has begun. Regarding the military system, the devs need more time to investigate and consider potential improvements that could be brought forth before saying any more on the matter:

“To be honest with you, we’re 100% focused on bug fixes and the implementation of both features before moving on to the military system and anything else that requires improvements. We remind you that any change brought in-game needs to be fully tested and approved before we deploy it. That’s why we cannot give any ETA at the moment but we will do our best to bring the mini-map and native ultrawide support as soon as possible.”

The map editor is still in the works and its deployment was postponed to give the team more time to work on and polish it. This feature will be implemented in a post-launch Pharaoh: A New Era update but there is currently no ETA yet.

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