Picking the Right Console: Xbox Series S or PS4 Pro

Picking a console Xbox or PlayStation

Gamers are a fussy lot. They want everything they have to be perfect. Picking the right platform is tricky too. Their setup must be powerful enough to run the games they love. The lighting must be awesome and look great, but also not tire the eyes too much. The music must be blasting out of a surround sound system that really makes the whole place click together. Gamers are dedicated to their setup, and this is just it. Whether looking for an online roulette bonus or just warming up ahead of an all-nighter, players love to have the best things. This is true for consoles as well.

Today, we take a look at a raging debate – the choice between Xbox Series S and PS4 Pro, which are arguably not the latest generation consoles but are nevertheless powerful and excellent options if you are looking to buy something on a budget. Even if they are a bit slower, these consoles are actually quite fun because new releases will run well enough on them as well, making for a great overall experience when you come to think of it.

Fear of Getting a Console Too Late

This is good news – but which console do you want to pick for yourself after all? Whether youto play Roulette77 or play too many video games, so let’s take a closer look at what to expect. So, for starters, let’s set some things very clear from the start – 2023 is not too late to buy a PS4 Pro or Xbox Series – not by a long shot.

These consoles will be relevant at least until mid-2024 when the really heavy games start hitting, but even then, you will also have a ton of older titles to explore. In fact, the system is said to be supporting games well into 2025, which means that you have a few good years of more excellent titles ahead of you, and this is precisely what you should focus on.

Players who are new may be a bit hesitant, but the price tag for a PS4 Pro is half that of a PS5, and this can be a compelling argument. Apart from that, both consoles actually have a substantial number of games and libraries to try. The Pro version of PS4 is one that has been beefed up to perform a little better across the board, which means that it is also the version that will be more relevant for the longest.

OK, with this being said, now there is time to share some of the drawbacks of the platform. It only supports 1TB HDD, which means that you will be running out of free space before long. Plus, the platform does not play UHD 4K Blu-ray discs, which is a pity. Other than that, and if you can look past the platform’s expiring relevancy, we think PS4 is a great choice.

Should You Get Xbox Series S Instead?

Xbox Series S is a great console all in all, and to be quite honest – we love it. Basically, the console comes at a similarly affordable price, but it is somewhat more limited in its tech specifications. Regardless, there are many great features we love about this one.

It’s one of the most elegant designs we have seen, even though the console is more or less rectangular. Another great thing about the console is that it’s completely silent in operation – one of the few consoles to truly deliver a great silent experience. And Xbox Game Pass is definitely a great part of the experience, with Microsoft focusing on cloud gaming which does seem to be a reasonable thing.

One thing that is not great about this platform is that it’s not really future-proof. As in, we expect to be less up-to-date next year. Then you have the 364GB storage, which is little – of course, this is offset by the cloud gaming focus that Microsoft puts on its games, but it is still a point that we would like to be addressed.

PS4 probably seems like the better choice of the two, but we still cannot shake a feeling that the Xbox deserves a chance. If you have a specific game you would love to play and know that you want to play. We do love the great design and like how silent the Xbox is. Anyway, it will be down to you to choose which one is better.

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