Picklock Breaking Into Nintendo Switch Now

Picklock, a stealth action-adventure all about swindling stuff, is set to steal the show now it’s available on Nintendo Switch.

If you’re tired of the daily grind and want to sidestep the rat trace then Picklock has you covered. The stealthy action-adventure all about thievery just launched on the Nintendo Switch console. If you’re ready to abandon your old life and shamelessly steal from your neighbours, boss, and best friends then Picklock will accommodate you. This isometric top-down title mixes strategy, adventure, and stealth as you prepare yourself to scour the streets and swindle your way through 13 separate missions, all to make the most you can without getting caught.

Sticky Fingers

While the voxel style graphics of Picklock might look simple, that doesn/’t means avoiding jail will be easy. You’ll have to scout any potential mark ahead of time and decide on the best way to gain entry. Wait until the best time to get in, then just avoid any alarms and potential witnesses. Finally, there’s the old Bill. That’s law enforcement for the rest of the world.As you progress you’ll get a few fancy tools to help with the action from drones to drills. There are, of course, rewards for this life of crime and you’ll be able to pick from a selection of dream houses at the local Real Estate agents or even p[imp your ride with the proceeds of ill-gotten gains.

Picklock certainly looks like a bunch of fun, mixing the timing and chaos of a game like Get Packed with a dash of the stealth crime spree of the Party Hard series. If you’re interested in taking up a new career in crime then check out the official trailer above and head over to the Nintendo Switch eShop where Picklock is available for a minimum of 20% off right now, more for anybody who owns another game from publisher No Gravity games. Heck, I even managed to make it through with resorting to cheesy puns about Picklock being a steal at just $7.99.

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