Pig Eat Ball Takes Off This Month

We’ve all heard the phrase “When pigs fly”, but I never expected to find out just how bizarre things get when it happens. Now, you can too when the utterly surreal indie adventure Pig Eat Ball hits PC, Mac, and Linux on 27 September.

Announced last year, Pig Eat ball is an utterly bizarre twist on Pacman that is not only due out on PC, Mac, and Linux this month. It will also arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shortly afterward. The team at Mommy’s Best Games are taking a well-worn gaming convention and contorting them into an outlandish experience that mixes Pacman with culinary adversaries, a skull-faced octopus, a pipe-smoking ape, and a barfing mechanic. This top-down adventure also replaces the iconic yellow character with a flying pig. As this pink protagonist chews its way through 5 distinct worlds, and hundreds of levels, players can unlock a range of challenges to test their own reflexes, beat boss levels, and avoid adversaries.

Players needing a little extra help will find over 40 disguises hidden around the game’s 5 worlds. Each costume provides a unique ability, meaning these pigs do way more than just fly. You’ll also be able to craft your own challenges using the PC version’s level editor. So, sit back in your own Cake Palace and check out the latest trailer, below or just head straight over to the Steam page for more information.

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