Pigeon Simulator Flies Into Early Access

Pigeon Simulator, the high flying physics adventure we never expected to see is back again and is about to crash land on Steam.

Due to take off into Early Access very soon, Pigeon Simulator is set to poop all over your expectations and bring decimation to the human race when it comes around flapping its wing on PC. The reinvented and reimagined version of the original Pigeon Simulator is set to add a ton of ideas to this upcoming aerial assault, all of which are as silly as you’d imagine. Alongside the announcement the Pigeon Simulator is heading to Steam Early access, the keepers behind this flock are planning to put players firmly in the role of a flappy bird.

Seems Coooooo-L

Wake up each day in the gorgeous new backdrop of some unnamed town and you will navigate the dangers that surround you. Every encounter provides an opportunity to learn, explore, and grow your gene poo as you avoid traffic, cats, and the scintillating firepower of attack helicopters. Yes, this upcoming project seems as silly as it sounds and with plans to add an AI storyteller stomach alchemy, and poop physics you can pretty much imagine this will be at least as bloodthirsty as Goat of War. Did we mention the dungeons yet?

Originally teased as part of Bossa Studio’s random acts of developments, known as Bossa Presents, this viral sensation spawned an entirely new studio out in Idaho. Now developers Hayjak and publisher Tinybuild are set to conquer the unguarded streets as we all hide in our homes. More likely, they will just get on with the unique sounding open development process that will bring Pigeon Simulator to life. While we don’t have a date or price for this upcoming classic, early backers can expect something around a 12 month development process before it goes live. You can keep an eye on it over on the official Pigeon Simulator Steam Early Access page now.

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