Pigeon Simulator Is Back For A Flying Visit

Pigeon Simulator might be landing in your computer sooner than we think but only if it roosts at the top of an online poll that begins on Wednesday.

Presented alongside a yell of “PROTO-HYPPPEE”, Bossa Studios’ new initiative is about to bring three of its newest ideas out of the attic and into your hands. While the British developers of I Am Bread have could have been busy trying to work out what to bake their brand of nuts into next, it seems they would rather let you decide that too. After players get a chance to play three brand new demos this week, Bossa will be asking their community to tell them what to build. Gamers will get to chose from Pigeon Simulator, I Am Fish, and Trash bandits.

Each of the three demos will come to PC via the Bossa Presents launcher, found on the studios’ homepage. Of all the three titles Pigeon Simulator is possibly the most famous. Apart from giving press like me a field day with puns, the viral video and trailer for the game garnered millions of views. It also blew up a hotdog stand in a trailer that featured some crazy physics fun and put players in the position of a street pigeon.

I Am Fish is a suspiciously familiar affair and the spiritual successor to 2015’s I Am Bread. If you’ve played the doughy test of human dexterity then you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Finally, Trash bandits is a Unity game that takes the common garden fox, a bunch of trash cans and finds out exactly what hijinks you can get up to when you set a city full of foxes against the refuse system. Think of it like the recent goosing around with a lot more mess.

In order to whet your fishy appetites, Bossa Studios has released a trailer featuring all three potential titles. You can try out I am Fish, Pigeon Simulator, and Trash Bandits on Wednesday or find out more about each of them over at the Bossa website.


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