Pigeon Simulator Looks Dove-ly

Pigeon Simulator Title

Pigeon Simulator. There, we said it. When you think that dating sims, scantily clad Japanese Waifus, and flipping toast are too mundane you can take to the skies and blow up a hotdog stand.

We’re a little on the slow side with this one but thanks to a reader we found this glorious looking game doing the rounds on Reddit today. Frankly, I thought It would be poor form not to share. Around 5 days ago of duty developer Kevin Suckert dropped a snippet of a unity project onto Reddit and the idea has racked up some serious views. In a post, Kev, who goes by the twitter handle @Der_Kevin, and works his day job at the Hackney-based Bossa Studios simply framed some footage from a game, which you can find here,  he had been tinkering with. This is where things get interesting, however. While Farming and Bus Simulators have proven the niche appeal for sim games, there’s no real reason for a Pigeon Simulator 2019 right? You’d imagine so, right up until the hotdog cart explodes!

Pigeon SImulator

This homage to the lords of the city square looks to allow you to bomb passers-by, pick up entire people, or just take a strut across the city street. I mean, what else would you want to do? Surely not airborne graffiti? Well, yes. While we don’t know accurate your targeting skills are yet, we do know that Kev has been working on this glorious sim for some time now. Will it see the light of day? We don’t know but I really do hope we get the fully fledged game. If not, you can check out the reddit thread here day job over at Bossa Studios official website.

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  1. My son is going to ADORE This.

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