Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Goes Sailing

Yo ho ho, and a dice roll for you.

Thanks to a crazy successful Fig campaign, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire goes sailing by adding customizable ships to the game as a thank you to the many (26K+) fans that have pledged their support. It’s more than just a home, you can actually take them around the world map, run into seafaring encounters, quests, and fully deck out your crew and ship itself. Check out the video above.

While the Fig

campaign ends on Friday, Obsidian today sent out a notice of what else is on deck for stretch goals, should they get lucky:

Deadfire Extended Stretch Goals

  • $3.5 million – NEW SHIP UPGRADES & PORTUGUESE – We would like to have more ship upgrades and customization options types, including more hull, sail, and flag options. In addition, we are going to add upgradable rooms below deck including a trophy room to display your treasures and well as pet menagerie for all your animal friends to hang out and party. This also adds options to pick your own colors for sails and flags! Plus, we’re continuing our commitment to localize Pillars II in more languages by including Brazilian Portuguese!
  • $3.75 million – UNCHARTED ISLANDS & SIMPLIFIED CHINESE – Make the world larger with the Uncharted Island stretch goal. The uncharted island feature adds many more locations to the world map for you to discover and map,expanding the world and game. These islands have special events, quests, and treasures for you to discover using the scripted interaction system. Some of them might include unique special events, including dungeons or quests. After you discover an island, you can even name it to make it your own! And, we’ll add Simplified Chinese localization, too!
  • $4 million – NEW PLAYER SHIP TYPES – You want something awesome!? We will add other ships that you can find, purchase, or even steal during your adventure. These other ships will be docked in a special harbor location. Get yourself a Vailian Galleon or a Rauatai Warship – and customize it to make it your own.
  • $5 million – YDWIN BECOMES A COMPANION – You asked for this, now help us make it a reality! We will take Ydwin the Pale Elf from sidekick to full-on 8th companion for the game, adding a full vision quest, companion relationship, and story interactions to her (and, of course, if we hit this goal, we will add another sidekick to replace her so we still have four sidekicks, too!). Adding companions is a huge expense and design undertaking, but if we can get to $5 M, the team feels sure we can do it!
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