Pixel Ripped 1995 Takes You Back Into The Arcade

Take a Trip back into an age where the arcade was king and the cutting edge was measured in bits as Pixel Ripped 1995 lands on VR platforms.

Back when many of us old school gamers had some spare time and a bit more hair, the arcade was king and retro gaming was not a thing. Now it’s time to get outside in the virtual world and experience classic gaming again as Pixel Ripped 1995 lands on Oculus and Steam VR. Playing on our own nostalgia, this old school interactive experience puts players back in front of their CRT displays and acts as a love letter to classic gaming. Players getting into this world of side-scrolling platformers and Pac-Man knock offs find themselves in the shoes of a video game hero named Dot.

With a set of brawlers, platformers, space shooters, and racing games before her, this character needs help. Thankfully, an unassuming 9-year-old boy called David doubles as player 2 in this adventure. In an escapade that sounds something like Battle Beyond The Stars, these two must overcome the odds while dodging confused parents across multiple environments, just things don’t quite take off into the great beyond. Instead, you’ll find yourself checking out the local video game store and experiencing the birth of 16 bit gaming.

A total of 6 original levels are available to play through for old school players to indulge their nostalgia, or to give players more used to Fortnite a glimpse of where gaming has gone before. You can get out to the arcade now. Check out the Pixel Ripped 1995 trailer above or head over to the official Steam Store page or Oculus storefront now.


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