Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Gives a Classic New Life

Planescape Torment

Planescape Torment is seen by many players as one of the finest RPGs ever made. Thanks to today’s release of an Enhanced Edition, a new generation of players can check it out.

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Facts

Beamdog is a development house that has brought a lot of yesterday’s great RPGs to our modern era. Their work includes Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2 and Icewind Dale. They take original source code and bring it forward for modern systems as well as new platforms.

As a player, you are the Nameless One with no memory of the many lives you’ve lived before. You wake to the voice of Morte, a disembodied talking skull, who travels along the journey of self. In addition, you’ll meet other noteworthy characters such as Fall-From-Grace, Dakkon, Ignus and others.

Discover an incredibly rich story and a unique setting unlike anything else in fantasy. Defeat strange and alien creatures, engage in rich dialogue, and explore the dark and dangerous setting in this 50+ hour RPG classic.

The new edition of PS:T features work by the original lead designer, Chris Avellone, whose work included curating new updates, bug fixes and other improvements. It features a remastered musical score; 4K interface with HD support; tab highlight; as well as area zoom

The game is available for PC Windows, Mac OS, Linus, iOS and Android devices. You can get hold of it from a number of online stores.

Learn more on the official site.

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