Planet Coaster – It May be September, But Halloween’s Already Arrived

Planet Coaster isn’t waiting for the frost in the fields to start celebrating Halloween. Frontier has released a brand new DLC called the Spooky Pack.

Planet Coaster & the Spooky Pack

Players who purchase the PC Spooky Pack will get “a theme so dark it rose from the grave”. Its packed with new rides, spooky scenery pieces and a lot more. You can “transform your park into a gothic masterpiece”. The theme is $8 from either the Frontier Store or through Steam.

This is our newest paid content pack, specifically themed for those horror lovers and dark ride fanatics. The content pack contains two new powered tracked rides, a spooky themed wall set and static and animated attachments, special effects, shop fronts, path extras, doors and windows, fences, triggerable coaster doors, themed custom signs and facility signs, and themed hats for your Planco avatars. We’re also joined by a new entertainer, King Ghoster, who will happily haunt your parks and thrill your guests!

The Hoax is a free-spinning haunted house ride with a tight track that twists and turns through each corner, and the Huntsman is Planet Coaster’s first ever motion platform ride which rotates on an axis and fits the theme perfectly. As always, the rides are fully customisable so it can fit your park just the way you want it to.

In addition to this paid content pack, we’re also releasing a third coaster, the In-Descent, for everyone to enjoy for free! This is a rapid steel shuttle coaster not created for the faint-hearted… every Planet Coaster owner will automatically receive the In-Descent with this update on September 25 (it is NOT part of the Spooky content, it is a FREE coaster).


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