Planet Coaster – Spring Update to Keep the Wild Ride Going

Planet Coaster

Frontier Developments is ready to send Planet Coaster players on another wild ride with the Spring Update. If tons of new content isn’t enough enticement, perhaps the FREE price tag will be.

Peeking Inside the Planet Coaster Spring Update

Free is always a great thing but when it includes a metric ton of content, it’s even better. Check out this impressive list of stuff — stuff is good — in the patch.

New Rollercoasters:

  • Steel Hydra and it’s G-force exerience
  • Trident, the shuttle coaster
  • Bakasura – “Trident’s bigger badder brother” – an inverted boomerang coaster


  • Speed Go Karts – design your own
  • Elixir Machine – spinning, swinging, twisting all while upside down
  • Big Wheel – something from the “golden age” of theme parks
  • ZoZo – a vintage classic
  • Crime & Security – keep an eye on those pesky, sometimes dissatisfied customers

But a new danger lurks with pickpockets and vandals now operating in players’ parks. A crime-ridden park will see guests’ happiness fall along with your profits.

During PAX East, devs were on hand for a special live stream to preview the update. You can look for it to go live in game on April 11th.

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