Planet Zoo Goes West With The North America Animal Pack

Planet Zoo, the wild management sim from Frontier Developments is getting a bunch of new residents in the North America Animal pack on 4 October.

Planet Zoo is taking something of a trip since the Africa update hit back in June, bringing a very different set of critters to this management simulator. The zoo builder from Frontier Developments is set to add a pack of much-requested animals to the mix when the North America Animal Pack launches on 4 October, alongside a free 1.7 update.

New Residents

The North America Animal Pack brings eight animals from across North America to the game. This includes the industrious American Beaver, with its long front teeth and paddle-shaped tail; the towering and majestic Moose; the sleek and smart California Sea Lion; the shy and solitary Cougar; the enormous American Alligator; the highly-sociable Black-tailed Prairie Dog; and the elusive yet adorable Arctic Fox. Each of these animals brings its own features to audiences, and players can get a look at them in the new trailer, but the final entrant in the bundle really sands out. Seemingly small, but only the second swimming exhibition in Planet Zoo, the American Bullfrog rounds up the North America Animal Pack. There’s more to the new add-on than just a few furry, and not-so furry, creatures. This pack also includes five new enrichment items: the Beaver Pool, Pronghorn Piñata, Skittle Feeder, Melon Feeder, and the Underwater Plant. Finally, there’s also a new timed scenario to test player’s patience, knowledge, and ability to balance animal needs against visitor demands.

At the same time you can go and splash out on the game’s second swimming feature, Planet Zoo is also getting an update to the base game. The free 1.7 update is set to add a range of bonus extras and improvements. This includes terrain variations in starting maps, a new height map feature, deep-water swimming for feline species, path barriers, and much more.

For more about the upcoming DLC, you can check out the official Steam store page, where the base game is available for $44.99, Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition RRP for $54.99, or the Planet Zoo Deluxe Upgrade Pack for $11.99.

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