Planet Zoo Is Heading Down With New South America Pack

Frontier, the developer behind Elite Dangerous, has just unveiled the next wing of your very own animal menagerie with the South America Pack for Planet Zoo.

Due to hit PC, the second DLC for Planet Zoo is the second DLC for this huge management simulation. Five new iconic animals will join the roster of available critters on show in the latest expansion while a massive 250 new scenery pieces will be available to zookeepers. Each of the new additions is inspired by the lush environments of South America. Visitors will get up close and personal with the beautiful Jaguar, mischievous Capuchin Monkey, unique Giant Anteater, wonderful Red-Eyed Tree Frog, and the friendly Llama. Of course, it isn’t all about ogling pretty animals. Budding zoologists will need to learn to care for the individual needs of their new additions, as they balance animal welfare with conservation efforts, and research new facilities and enrichment items to ensure a healthy, genetically diverse zoo.

Free Pass

The latest DLC is not the only addition to Planet Zoo. The South America Pack launches alongside a free content update. Coming to all players, update 1.2 contains a variety of different features and improvement s coming to your zoo, as well as a series of extra building pieces and foliage. The addition of a free Genealogy tab should allow players to accurately track this progress and the history of their animal families.

The full list of new updates coming to Planet Zoo and the South America Pack can be found over at the official Planet Zoo website. You can check out the upcoming additions in the new South America Pack trailer above. Whether you want to get to know your animals a bit better or build the perfect jungle track for visitors to enjoy, there’s something for zoo keeps coming on April 7 on PC.


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