Planet Zoo Roars Into Beta

Things might be about to get hairy as Planet Zoo launches its first beta test. Frontier’s newest adventure gets wild from now until early October.

No More Lion Around

Fans of theme park simulators don’t need to wait around any longer. First announced in April, Frontier’s brand new attraction is already open for beta testers. Running from now until 8 October 2019, the first beta test of Planet Zoo is a glimpse of everything that fans of the new genre twist can expect from Plant Zoo.

Not only are Frontier out to give players a glimpse of the game, but they’ve also managed to weasel in the new career mode. This narrative-driven episode finds played begin their journey to develop an epic zoo from placid beginnings and build upon them. Starting in the Temperate Biome, players beginning beta will learn to manage and expand an existing zoo, building habitats, adopting animals, and tackling a range of objectives. These Bronze, Silver, and Gold achievements get gradually more difficult and teach new managers how to keep customer happy.

Franchise mode is also available for this brief test, visiting the Savannah biome and letting go of the reins. No mane objective is set here. Players must simply manage an open sandbox map and its economy.

With a range of wildlife from across the world, Planet Zoo is a menagerie of potential outcomes. Players taking a stroll through the common ties creations will find massive zoos, full of epic attractions, lions, giraffes, tigers, and leopards. I’m off to hear the giraffe’s hum but id you want to try out Planet Zoo then you’ll need to pre-order the deluxe version of this title before it hits PC on 5 November. You can head over to the official waste for more information or grab the game over on the Steam Store page now.

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