PlanetSide 2 The Shattered Warpgate Launches

Rogue Planet Games has announced the arrival of a massive new update for PlanetSide 2. The Shattered Warpgate is now live for PC players and will be coming to PlayStation 4 players later in October. The content expansion brings a number of new features into the game as well as gameplay improvements.

Players will be able to take part in a number of new open-world storytelling missions called Campaigns. Campaigns offer players an opportunity to try out new gameplay improvements and lore-driven story missions that span multiple chapters. The first in this new series is The Shattered Warpgate where players return to Esamir, one of the game’s classic maps that has been remastered. Players “must contend with the fallout from an environmental cataclysm brought on by the detonation of one of the continent’s warpgates”.

Other features of today’s update include:

      • Esamir Revamped: The continent of Esamir has gone through a major transformation, including reworked bases and facilities, new alien flora and skybox improvements, and a deadly electrical storm roaming the battlefield.
      • All-New Mission System: Players now have access to a wide range of daily mission types that can be completed for rewards. Members will receive additional daily mission unlocks.
      • New Weapons & Equipment: New items like the Icepick melee weapon, Havoc Rockets, and Condensate Grenades are now available as Campaign rewards or purchasable from the in-game Depot.
      • Sanctuary Changes: Social hub improvements include graphical upgrades and the addition of cross-faction text chat.
      • Outfit Resource Rebalancing: War Asset costs have been overhauled to better reward and incentivize Outfits who participate in base captures.
      • Indar Terrain Changes: Key locations on the continent of Indar have been reworked to improve the overall balance and combat flow on the map.

Check out the PlanetSide 2 official site to learn more about today’s update.

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