PlanetSide 2 Updated with The Shattered Warpgate Final Chapter

Rogue Planet Games has announced that PlanetSide 2 has been updated to bring the final chapter of The Shattered Warpgate on board for PC players. The limited-time content will be available from now through June 30th.

According to the development team, the new content will provide players with new challenges and gameplay elements unlike any seen before in the game. This includes multi-stage combat opportunities where players will fight in and around the facility. Stage one is centered on vehicle combat outside the facility with teams challenged to bring down the surrounding shields by destroying weak points. Once inside, attackers will fight their way down deeper into the facility where they will need to secure capture points and battle opposing forces aiming to shut them down.

The Containment Site is a large-scale facility new to Esamir in Chapter 03 of The Shattered Warpgate campaign. There are multiple stages of combat where soldiers will fight around and through the facility. Vehicle combat is emphasized outside of the facility, requiring the destruction of multiple weak points to bring down gate shields barring entry. Within the hub of the facility, a destroyable SCU will disable defender spawn locations on the first floor of the facility. Attackers then descend into the lower regions of the facility, fighting for capture points held in the Botany and Reliquary wings, as well as within the Tempest Capacitor. The Botany and Reliquary capture points also activate a spawn room for attackers within the facility, allowing them to establish a tenuous foothold within the base. During the fight for capture point control, defenders spawn within the sub-level and must fight their way back toward the surface to re-secure the facility.

Check out the PlanetSide 2 official site for all of the details.

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