Play Fall Guys, Survive The Knockout, and Win $5000!

fall guys

While the recent release of Fall Guys has inspired some wonderful chaos in the front room, it looks like the inevitable has happened and an esports style Fall Guys tournament is about to happen.

While your first thoughts of esports might be something more akin to highly trained professionals warding and fragging for their life, it looks like Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout is all set to get its own competitive twist. E-sports player and speedrunner of some regard, named GrandPooBear on twitter, has announced a new competition featuring the bright bean-filled obstacle course that has plastered itself all over our twitch feeds of late.

The tournament is still taking sign-ups and Fallmania is set to give one lucky, or very skilled, streamer a grand prize of $5000. That might not sound like tons but it’s more than enough to keep a streamer for a few months or kit yourself out with more tech than you’ve got hands to use. The upcoming tournament doesn’t have a set date or a full rundown of exactly how the rounds will be played out but you can keep an eye on GrandPooBear’s twitter for more details.

This isn’t the only sizeable number we’ve seen thrown around in relation to Fall Guys. The team behind the hilariously successful multiplayer recently kicked off a charity auction, with proceeds going to SpecialEffect

Last we checked, Tushy Bidets were in the lead with a whopping $420,069.69 just to get their own exclusive skin in Fall Guys. Truly, when we’re used to blowing up stuff and hacking down our enemies, a little purple bean that is just trying to stay on two feet is the wholesome change we need this year. You can check out more about Fall Guys over on the official website now or grab it across PC and console retailers.

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