Valve Will Make You Play Nice In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive site has been updated with a new blog post from Valve dedicated to the improved matchmaking method for players who will likely have a good experience together. The post goes into details on the failings of Prime Matchmaking system introduced last year, and the re-imagining considering the so-called “Trust Factor”.

So what if the Prime system was re-imagined using a wider range of factors? We started with that question, and have been experimenting with matching players using observed behaviors and attributes of their Steam account, including the overall amount of time they had spent playing CS:GO, how frequently they were reported for cheating, time spent playing other games on their Steam account, etc. We call this system Trust, and these factors considered together form a player’s Trust Factor.

You can read the entire blog post and the Trust System FAQ on the official site.

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