Play Surgeon Simulator 2 For Free

Play Surgeon Simulator 2 For Free

Eccentric UK developer Bossa Studios are on the lookout for local heroes as they announce a weekend playtest of Surgeon Simulator 2.

This weekend, the team behind such off the wall simulators as Purrfect Date and the upcoming Pigeon Simulator are about to crack open the operating theatre doors to their latest. Surgeon Simulator 2 is the follow up to the massive successful Surgeon Simulator. A deceptively simple idea, it opens up the cavity of a virtual body and asks players to manipulate with surgical precision as they remove, replace, and patch up patients on the operating table. Available across a multitude of platforms including a VR Team Fortress crossover, the original Surgeon Simulator is due to be superseded sometime this year.

First, Bossa Studios need some help stitching the game together. The shoutout for playtesters went out today via email and social media.

Thankfully, signing up is easy to do, all you need to is a PC so you can sign up to the Surgeon Simulator 2 email list over at the official website now. Once signed up, lie back and take a few deep breaths while you wait for this weekend. The second of the Surgeon franchisee is bound to be an instant streaming hit and adds some extra elements that the first didn’t. Alongside the obvious improvement in graphics since the first game released in 2013, number 2 also includes an element of coop gameplay that should only make moving around the liver even more confusing.

As you’d expect, we don’t know a huge amount about the upcoming title, and it’s just one of Bossa’s upcoming titles. However, we’re a little excited to get into the new Surgeon Simulator lobby for the first time. If you want to find out more about this game then head over to the official websitecheck out the trailer, or keep it here at Gamesapce for more details as we get them. Hopefully you’ll get to play Surgeon Simulator 2 for free very soon.



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