Player backlash leads to Blueprint price reduction in Rocket League

Rocket League

Recently, Psyonix replaced loot boxes in Rocket League with its new Blueprint system. While the community fully backed ridding the game of loot box mechanics,  it was not prepared for the cost of Item Shop additions and Blueprint pricing. Angry fans took to Discord, Reddit, Twitter, “and beyond” to express their disappointment in the high cost of items in the game. As a result of the backlash, Psyonix has posted a new developer blog on the official site to announce price reductions across the board.

Item pricing reductions

Reduced the base price ranges of Item Rarities (before attributes like Paint) to the following values:

  • Rare: 50-100 Credits
  • Very Rare: 100-200 Credits
  • Import: 300-500 Credits
  • Exotic: 700-800 Credits
Item attributes

Paint and Special Editions now add less cost across the board, based on rarity:

  • Most Paint Colors: 50-200 additional Credits
  • Burnt Sienna: 0 additional Credits
  • Titanium White: 100-500 additional Credits
  • Special Editions: 200-400 additional Credits

Best of all, Psyonix also announced that players who purchased any items between December 4-11, 2019 will have “Credits equal to any difference in price added directly to your account”. Those who find any issues with the refunded Credits should contact Customer Care.

Check it all out at the Rocket League link above.


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