Playerunknown’s Battleground – Developer Update June 2019

PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds

June 5th, 2019, the developers for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, released their new development update. I will start by saying one thing, this PUBG player is super ready for the update. Within the new update, they talk about new additions to the game, as well as updates to mechanics outside of the game as well.

To begin with, the in-game mechanics will be changing with the addition of ledge grabbing. This will allow you to jump towards a building or other solid piece of the map to climb into new areas that would have been inaccessible before. They are also revamping Erangel, the first map anyone ever played on, and it looks like it has been through a complete overhaul. This includes new buildings and building textures, better grass textures to make it better to hide in similar to Sanhok, and much more.

They are also replacing the armored UAZ from the flare drops and replacing it with a new BRDM (Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle) which allows you to traverse over the land and the water. There are more balancing acts coming for the gunplay systems as well and we will be watching these with great expectations.

I have been a PUBG player for a very long time, and this is the most exciting update that I have seen for this game since its release. Here is the link to the developer’s update.

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