Playground Games Showcases Forza Horizon 5 Multiplayer in New Trailer

Playground Games has unleashed a brand new Forza Horizon 5 trailer that provides viewers with an extensive look at the multiplayer component of the game. The video footage was shared in Episode 8 of the Let’s Go Livestream series.

Multiplayer offers tons of ways for friends to drive alongside one another or to take part in competitive matches. Game modes include Arcade mini-missions such as Bullseye and Pinata Pop as well as Eliminator in multiplayer.

Team up with other players and enter the Horizon Arcade for a continuing series of fun, over-the-top challenges that keep you and your friends in the action and having fun with no menus, loading screens, or lobbies. Meet new friends in Horizon Open and Tours and share your creations with new community gift sharing.

Create your own expressions of fun with the powerful new EventLab gameplay toolset including custom races, challenges, stunts, and entirely new game modes. Customize your cars in more ways than ever before with new options such as the ability to open and close convertible tops, paint brake calipers, and more. Use the new Gift Drops feature to share your custom creations with the community.

The game is already up for preorder for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows 10 PCs. It will be coming on November 9, 2021.

Check out the Forza Horizon 5 official site to learn more.

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