PlayStation Live E3 Recap and Liveblog

A running tally of all the news from the show!
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First up, we got brand new trailers for Uncharted’s Lost Legacy standalone expansion, then first footage of the Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds trailer as well. We’ll be updating as it goes!


The Star of the Show…

The Bullet List of News!

  • Days Gone – Brand new footage, including zombie bears!
  • Monster Hunter World from Capcom
  • An online Monster Hunter?
  • Shadow of the Colossus Coming 2018
  • Marvel Versus Capcom Infinite – September 18th 2017 Release Date, Story Demo Downloadable now.
  • Call of Duty: WW2 Footage, multiplayer trailer shown. – Private Beta Begins First on PS4 – 8/25/17
  • PSVR is getting Skyrim! – Skyrim VR
  • Playful’s Sci-Fi Adventure, Side-Scrolling, Robot-Friending, Star Child shown (also PSVR)
  • Supermassive Games’ Horror Game The Inpatient shown (PSVR)
  • FFXV PSVR Tie-in Fishing game? Yes, sure why not. Monsterdeep Announced for September 2017.
  • Supermassive Games’ PSVR FPS Bravo Team.
  • Polyarc’s PSVR Game – Mouse + Overlord Dungeon Crawler – Moss (looks legit!)
  • God of War – New Footage, highlighting the relationship between Kratos and the boy. Plus tons of new combat footage. Coming Early 2018
  • New Trailer for Detroit: Become Human – Showing the story, and actual gameplay of hacking and taking out Cyberlife bases as well as the branching storylines. The Androids revolt, indeed.
  • Destiny 2 new trailer – September 6th release date for PS4, with exclusive Lake of Shadows Strike, Weapons, Ship, and Retribution PVP Map.

SPIDER-MAN! – Capped off the show. Coming 2018. New gameplay footage. Stealth and combat. Web-slinging. Kind of reminiscent of Batman’s Arkham games. Not a bad thing. Spidey-sense makes for some insane combat. Looks absolutely stunning in action. Fisk (Kingpin) involved. Looks absolutely stunning, to be frank. The Ultimate Spider-man game. Look at the story shows a group known as The Demons terrorizing NYC, Spidey tracking them down.

And that does it for the PlayStation live show from E3 2017. SO. MANY. GAMES. Stay-tuned all week for more news and thoughts.

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