Playstation Plus Games For December Include Godfall

Sony has confirmed the titles that subscribers to its online PlayStation Plus service will be able to grab for free this month and the lineup is definitely diverse.

Whether you are ready to hack and slash your way through a wave of faceless enemies or save the city, it seems like this month’s collection of PlayStation Plus games has something for most of us. Sony has confirmed that players logging into their PlayStation Plus accounts through December will be able to pick up the following titles to their library for free:

Godfall: Challenger Edition

Godfall only launched back in November 2020 and was something of a change of direction for developer Gearbox. No longer blowing up everything in sight in the likes of Borderlands, Godfall is a fantasy hack and slash looter that challenges players to take control of heroic knights imbued with arcane magic. You’ll dive into a range of encounters, take on brutal enemies, and loot epic armor sets to enhance your abilities. The Challenger Edition is a co-op heavy twist on the recently released game, equipping players with everything they need to jump into the Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and the Ascended Tower of Trials. While it’s not the full Godfall experience, it’s a different take on the looter shooter system and comes packaged for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms.

Lego DC Super-Villains

For players of a different perspiration, you can switch sides and play the scoundrel in Lego DC Super-Villains. This PlayStation 4 cartoon caper is the latest DC entry into the Leego franchise and finds us in the guise of miscreants torn from comic book pages. Featuring the distinctive style of Lego video games, players can unleash mischievous antics and wreak havoc in an action-packed story. Of course, it also features some of the most iconic adversaries from the DC universe, including Lego variations of The Joker, Harley Quinn, and the Injustice League.

mortal shell

Rounding up the December lineup, Mortal Shell is a ruthless and deep single-player action-RPG. As you’d expect from any decent souls like, this desolate landscape features plenty of weapons, gruesome enemies, a dark aesthetic, and unforgiving hair-trigger melee combat to test your skills.

You can check out the official PlayStation blog covering all the games now, or just head over to the PlayStation Store to grab these before they vanish.

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