PlayStation Version of Trove Updated with the Polished Paragon System

PlayStation Trove players have tons of exciting new ways to engage with the voxel-based MMO thanks to the most recent update. According to gamigo, the latest patch has been deployed to bring the Polished Paragon system into the game. This new feature offers players access to new gear, craftables, mounts, and more.

Players of level 30+ will find a new experience bar to fill that, once done, yields a new currency called “Loops” (Trovian or Primal types) that are used in crafting Signatory Rings considered some of the best items in the game. In addition, players have a chance to spawn a Primal Paragon Pinata that, once broken, can contain any number of goodies including ore, flux, Trovian loops, and/or Paragon’s Marks that are used to craft all-new items at the special Paragon Workbench.

Some of the items players can craft include:

  • five new allies
  • four new mounts
  • a new ship and sail
  • a new banner style
  • two new wing types
  • a decoration box

Players can also purchase Primal Paragon Cubes and Primal Paragon Pinatas from the in-game shop for real-world cash. These provide a boose toward attaining exclusive collectibles and badges.

The new system will be launching for Xbox and Switch players at a later date and is already available for PC.

Check out the Trove official site to learn more.

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