PlaySys Announces Dreamers, a 3D Adventure Game

Italian development studio PlaySys has announced that it is working on a new single-player 3D adventure title called Dreamers. According to the team, it is being natively developed for next-gen consoles and will feature quests, puzzles, vehicles, collectibles, and minigames. Players can also take on the journey through split-screen co-op.

Players will set off on an emotional journey where choices will have an impact on the way the game plays out. It begins with a letter from the protagonist’s grandmother that “forces the [player] to explore more than his known land”.

Features include:

  • A whole different story that can be played by anyone. It’s similar to the classic graphic adventure genre with other elements added in.
  • Art vs Feeling – It is a 3D game “with a peculiar choice of colors and the use of textures, with non-photorealistic graphics with slightly angular lines”.
  • A journey into worlds and emotions – The game is an “introspective journey where there are important topics to unveil”.
  • World on a string…of code – It has been “possible to use hundreds of highly optimized modules to manage backend operations, graphics, sounds, and interactive elements”.

Check out the trailer and then head to the Dreamers official site to learn more.

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