Please, Touch the Artwork Launches This Month And It Is Nothing Like Your Local Museum

Please, Touch The Artwork is due to open its doors to PC and mobile gamers this month, and this upcoming artwork sim needs you to poke prod and meddle with the displays.

Even if you are unlikely to enter the hallowed halls of the local gallery anytime soon, Please, Touch the Artwork is hoping you will take a peek at its offering when this interactive art sim launches on mobile this month. Due to hit iOS and Android devices on 26 January, this indie experience is an unusual mix of artistic talent and narrative game design that requires players to get up close and personal with everything on offer. While inspecting a trio of iconic abstract paintings, you’ll get to work through a range of procedurally generated puzzles.

While three artistic presentations hardly sounds like a lot, over 150 randomly generated puzzles are crammed into the game. Alongside the brain teasers, you can get to know the story behind some of the world’s abstract art pioneers and generally chill out to a jazzy soundtrack that provides ambiance to your painting-prodding. This one isn’t quite like the world building that Occupy White Walls offers, but rather brings the interactive element into the artworks, rather than the gallery.

Developed by one man team Thomas Waterzooi (formerly of Larian Studios and IOI), this is an unusual project that looks likely to prove that games aren’t just spellcasting and demon hunting. you can find out mor about this unexpected mvoe from  more traditional gaming genres, and why Thomas  got the paintbrushes out in the developer diary above. Please, Touch the Artwork will go on sale via Steam, the Apple App Store, and Google Play store on 26 January. Nintendo Switch owners will get it a little later this year. Find out more over on the official Steam Store page now.

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