Pode Plods onto PlayStation 4

Valentine’s day is over and if your day didn’t go quite how you’d like then a brand new indie adventure is set to remind you what’s really important. Out now, on PlayStation 4, Pode is a brand new adventure all about friendship and it looks fantastic.

This co-op adventure comes to the PlayStation 4 courtesy of indie developer Henchman and Goon and features an unusual dynamic duo. Pode follows the fortunes of a grounded rock, Blunder, and a fallen star named Glo as they set out on a magical adventure on a mysterious old mountain. As the two explore a magical environment they will uncover a number of challenges. Only their unique pairing of abilities will allow players to overcome these obstacles and continue on their way. Just like Degrees of Separation, this co-op game looks like an utterly charming adventure for players and their compatriots.

To add to the awesome aesthetic, Pode features a soundscape from award-winning musician and composer Austin Wintery. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Austin is responsible for some of the most moving audio accompaniments in gaming. With Journey, The Banner Saga series, Abzu, and Absolver making up a fraction of his work, this prolific artist brings a pedigree to Pode that cannot be ignored.

With several awards under its belt already, this causal quest already looks set to impress on the PlayStation. If you’re not convinced by the critics then you could always take heed of the stellar recommendation of Captain Marvel.

Pode is out now on PlayStation 4 for €24.99. PS Plus owners get an additional 10% discount on top. For more information, check out the game’s official website.

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