Pokemon Go Adds 80 New Pokemon

Gotta catch 'em all... again.
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Pokemon Go adds 80 new Pokemon in today’s massive update. Reported by our sister site, MMORPG.com, the update not only increases the sheer number of little buggers you’ve got to catch to catch ’em all, but it also brings a few much-requested new features into the game.

Frankly, I know very few people who’ve managed to catch all the Pocket Monsters in this game, but I also know very few people still actively playing. Are you still trotting the globe looking for these guys? If not, maybe this update will bring you back.

Some of the things that players will see in the update:
  • New Evolutions
  • Changed Encounter gameplay
  • Nanab and Pinap Berries
  • Additional avatars and expanded wardrobe
Pokemon Go Adds 80 New Pokemon – the Trailer
This update to Pokemon Go sees 80 new pokemon added, new styles, new features, and more.


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