Pokemon GO Battle League leaderboard Launches Today

Pokemon GO Battle League leaderboard

Want everyone to know just how good you are at Pokemon Go, then you can now with the GO Battle League leaderboard.

Launched today over on PokemonGOLive.com, the list of top tier players will do exactly what you expect. Bringing together the results of the latest league season, this board should allow players to find out exactly where they stand in the Pokemon leagues. Featuring the top five hundred trainers from around the world, the board details their Trainer nicknames, teams, ranks, ratings, and total matches for all to see.
The ranking list is live just as the GO Battle League changes format from Ultra League to Master League, meaning that the new format is likely to have some bearing on the end result. The final format of the Go Battle League leaderboard is made up of the previous days’ in-game ratings for Trainers of rank 7 and above, and it is expected to update between 8:00 p.m. UTC and 10:00 p.m. UTC every day so while you may not be able to get out and about right now you can still share your success with the world.

To celebrate the launch of the new ranking site, Pokemon Go is getting GO Battle Day: Marill on Sunday, April 12th 2020. The Go Battle day features Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokémon and is, clearly, full of rewards for participants. The more GO Battle League battles players manage to win from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time during the event, the more likely it is that Marill will appear! During this time frame, Marill will appear as a guaranteed Basic Reward after your first and third wins. Players using a Premium Battle Pass, also get Marill after every win as a guaranteed Premium Reward. It’s not all Marill either. Trainers will grab two Catch Stardust for catching Marill during the same time period.

If you’re eager to top the rankings of just catch this fairy type Pokemon then keep an eye on the Pokemon Go app over the course of April and battle from the comfort of your sofa.


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