Pokemon Go PvP arrives in GO Battle League

pokemon go pvp

Pokemon Go developer just announced that Pokemon Go PvP is coming to the hit mobile game as early as this week as they roll out the new GO Battle League.

The Pokemon Vs Pokemon contests were announced as part of a blog post back in October 2019, with further detail dropped in December. Now the final rollout of this much-awaited action has finally kicked off. For those of you that didn’t catch the initial announcement or just don’t Pokemon Go, the Go league system builds on the core trainer battles, bringing competitive play online, against any other potential trainer.


The Go Battle system allows trainers of various levels to compete in a ranking style system that is divided into three distinct tiers. Players across the Great, Ultra, and master leagues will be able to complete but only one league will be available at a time. Pre-season rolls out this week. The pre-season period will begin with the Great League and should allow Niantic to test out the ideal length of time for seasons, determine rewards, and balance play according to player behavior. Anybody participating in the Great League will be able to spend this pre-season start playing, ranking and reaping rewards but should expect their ranking to partially reset once things kick off for real.

Pre-season will rotate between all three leagues as follows

Ultra League – February 10, 2020
Master League – February 24, 2020
Great League – March 9, 2020


A huge range of rewards are due to drop with the new league battles. Players who walk 5km can enter a round of PvP matches, up to three times a day. Winnings include heaps of Stardust, as well as battle-ready items such as Rare Candies and Tms. We also know that an exclusive Go Battle Pikachu Libre and avatar items inspired by the wrestling-themed pokemon will be up for grabs. Being a mobile game, this new battling system also comes with a premium battle pass, allowing players to streamline their entry requirements and buff drops in the tournament. While we might not be enthused to grab a battle pass and just churn out a few more Km, we are excited to try out the latest entry in the Pokemon battle system. You can find out more over on the official Pokemon Go website or head over to the iOS and Android stores to try out your training skills.


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