Pokemon Go – A Look at the Best Pokemon Slot Machine Games

Pokemon Go Slot Machine

There’s no doubt about it, Pokemon Go was a life changer in the gaming industry. In 2016, players were gifted with an entirely different angle on mobile gaming. Developed and collaborated by now internationally recognized gaming brand Niantic and Nintendo, the AR (augmented reality) game uses a smartphones GPS to hunt down and battle virtual Pokemon characters. These little creatures appear in our world through the technology used by the two companies to create this mind blowing game. With over 420 Pokemon creatures to locate and challenge, there are hours of unique and fun-filled entertainment to look forward to on mobile devices.

Following Pokemon on Mobile

The number of mobile gaming users has rapidly amplified over the past 2 years since social gaming platforms were created within famous applications. The quality of smartphones were improved through the latest digital designs of graphic cards, enhancing mobile users gaming experience by delivering high definition graphics and interactive gameplay. Games such as Pokemon Go also attracted more mobile gamers and soon the online gaming realm became a popular common ground for those who weren’t able to afford consoles or perhaps would rather buy an expensive smartphone and game via mobile.


Online Casino Gaming – Where did Pokemon Go?

So Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and by the year 2018 the incredibly insane game hadn’t lost any of its popularity, generating a massive income. Although everyone loves Pokemon, not everyone has the luxury to get up and leave the office to locate and battle a computerized creature brought to life, even as fun as it may sound. No, some gamers prefer to the kicks from the game but rather than spend cash on in-app purchases, they could win cash. This is hoped to be made possible through a combination of online casino gaming and Pokemon video slots. Since the rise of Pokemon Go, online casinos have been begging the question; “When will Pokemon Go be available on video slots?” It’s a legitimate question but one we aren’t sure will come to fruition. Nintendo has a strict family image and gambling wouldn’t quite be a good fit for the family-friendly brand. However, there is a little something for the money hunting gamers.

About Pokemon Casino Video Slot

PokemonFireRed is a slot game played on Gameboy. Although the graphics are rather outdated and the arcade sounds become rather monotonous, it is a rather popular slot game played by many and even offers cheats. Players can collect coins through a series of wins buts that’s as far as the gambling aspect of this Pokemon game goes.


Pokemon Go! Video Slot Access

So although there isn’t much of a selection for Pokemon Go! fanatics, we have discovered a fun version of the game for casino enthusiasts. This video slots game can only be played for fun but it still delivers all the great goodies and features a video slots player looks for.

Features Include:

  • Paylines: players can choose how many paylines they would prefer.
  • Coin Sizes: Choose the minimum you want to bet or the maximum, these coin sizes are adjustable!
  • Coins per Line: As with standard video slots, players are able to adjust the coins they would like to bet per line.
  • Autospin: The video slots version of Pokemon Go has an autospin feature which allows players to select the option for a number of 5 to 10 consecutive spins which can be cancelled at any point during gameplay.
  • Payouts: Each Pokemon character in the video slots version of the game pays out a sum of coins. The highest paying character is Squirtle, paying a total of 500 coins. The least paying character is Hoppip, paying out a sum of 20 coins.

Pokemon Go is changing the lives of players; we can only imagine what the future holds for the gaming geniuses behind the creation. We can agree the future looks promising for Pokemon Go fans as we expect the game to expand and change through the years to come.

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