Pokemon Go x One Piece charity crossover announced


Pokemon Go players looking for something new and exciting to collect will want to take note of a new crossover event. Niantic announced a Pokemon Go x One Piece event that will help support reconstruction efforts from the 2016 earthquake in Kumamoto, Japan.

From July 22nd through July 29th, Pokemon Go players will be able to collect a special Pikachu wearing Luffy’s unique straw hat. Players will also be able to buy a matching hat from the in-game shop. This special Pikachu will be available for trainers to catch worldwide. There will also be a special opportunity for those near Kumamoto. A limited-time PokeStop will be available in the area for trainers can visit in order to help support the charity effort.

This is not the first time Pokemon Go has helped support Japanese relief efforts in Kumamoto after the earthquake. In 2017, Niantic bombarded the location with Snorlaxes to encourage players to visit and support the ongoing reconstruction.

Will you be out collecting the One Piece Pikachu?

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