Pokémon Rumors Circle As Domain Names Registered

Let's Go!

As E3 Approaches, the rumor mills is grinding out fresh rumors for the masses. The most recent product centering around the Pokémon franchise, specifically two titles Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Rumors started swirling on Pokémon fan site serebii.net as a logo for Let’s Go Pikachu appeared. Further speculation pointed to these games being released on the Nintendo Switch with the story taking place in the Kanto region where the franchise began.These rumors have been further substantiated by CSC, who register domains on Nintendo’s behalf, registering pokemonletsgopikachu and pokemonletsgoeevee. 

This isn’t Nintendo’s first rodeo, however, and all of this could be a grand rouse to cover up what they are really going to reveal at E3 next month. These names could be tied to other projects within the Pokémon universe – an anime, mobile release, or maybe it’s the world’s first Pokémon Battle Royale!

Tell us in the comments what you think. Is this clever deflection from Nintendo or will we see Eevee take centerstage with Pikachu in a major franchise release?

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