Pokemon Sleep Is Set To Invade Your Eevee-ning

The Pokemon 2019 conference is over and it’s time to get to bed. Nintendo has eyes on changing that activity with Pokemon Sleep, the new app that looks set to take Pokemon Go beneath the sheets.

Announced during the Pokemon 2019 conference, Pokemon Sleep is probably the most unusual of a number of pocket pet announcements that we saw During Nintendo’s stage show. After the massive success of the Pokemon Go app, it seems that Nintendo is set on turning our downtime into entertainment too. While Pokemon Go pushed players out into the real world, using an Augmented Reality system to catch virtual pokemon using mobile phones, Pokemon Sleep looks to track your slumber.

incentivized Rest

Nintendo described this new Pokemon app as a way that “Pokemon could enrich our lives even further”, and allow a player to look forward to waking up each day. Despite the announcement, Nintendo did not reveal the specifics of how exactly we are likely to wrestle an insomniac Ivysaur to bed. They did note that this will be developed by Select Button and looks to release around 2020. It will also get a device that sounds suspiciously similar to the current Pokemon Go Plus. The Pokemon Go Plus+ will pair with Pokemon Sleep and act as a game interface and sleep tracker.

Let’s hope that the release of Pokemon Sleep doesn’t result in a rash of gamers leaving their phones in bed all day in an effort to min-max the system or you might miss out on some of the other awesome mobile games on offer right now. You can keep up to date with more on the Pokemon 2019 conference throughout today or head over to the official website.

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