Pokemon Sun & Moon Animated Series Coming to Disney XD in May

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Pokemon Sun & Moon is coming to Disney XD in May! The official Twitter revealed the start date for the animated series as May 12th!

Wait…Pokemon Sun & Moon on…Disney XD?

After years of being on Cartoon Network, the series is making the move to Disney XD after a special preview late last year.

The animated Pokemon series will air the first two episodes on May 12th and a third on May 13th. The Pokemon Movie (Volcanion & the Mechanical Marvel) will be shown later on the 13th.

Fans will find it to be more mature than other Pokemon cartoons along with less rigid story-telling. Of course, each episode will be full localized into English.

New faces will be coming along for the ride too along with, of course, Team Rocket to keep things spicy. And if that’s not enough, you can always watch it while you play Pokemon Go and stay healthy at the same time.

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