Pokemon Sword & Shield trailer introduces Galarian forms

The Pokemon Company has released a brand new trailer for fans hungry for more information about Pokemon Sword & Shield. In the new trailer, viewers are introduced to three Galarian forms.

The trailer showcases Dark/Normal Galarian Linoone, Galarian Zigzagoon, and Galarian Weezing. From what the trailer shows, some Pokemon can only evolve from these Galarian forms.

The trailer also shows several other Pokemon including the Normal/Dark Obstagoon and Morpeko as well as two new rivals named Bede and Marine.

About Pokemon Sword & Shield

Here in the Galar region, where Pokemon battles are big entertainment, the region’s Pokemon League holds tournaments to decide the next Champion.

You’ll have to compete with your rivals and challenge the Gym Leaders of the region for your chance to take part in this tournament, too!

During the Gym Challenge, each challenger wears a special uniform for the occasion. You can choose the combination of three numbers on your own uniform!

The game is due out for Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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