Pokémon Unite Launches On Switch Today

Pokémon unite

Pokémon Unite, the critter battling MOBA from Tencent and The Pokémon Company launches on Switch Today.

If you’ve been otherwise distracted by the gluttony of MMO news, or been busily side eyeing Valve’s new Steam Deck then now might be the time to dust off your Nintendo Switch as Pokémon Unite, a monster battling MOBA featuring all your favorite Pokémon hits the Nintendo handheld console today.

Pre Load

Players planning to get ahead in the game were able to begin preloading Pokémon Unite from the Nintendo eShop last night, which is expected to take up around 928 MB of space on your Nintendo Switch. Don’t worry if you haven’t had time to download quite yet or if the servers are already open, Nintendo is giving away a Mythical Pokémon, Zeraora to players who get round to getting into the arena before 31st August.

This free to play title is Pokémon’s first 5-on-5 strategic battle game and finds players teaming up and taking to the arena with pocket monster favorites like Pikachu, Charizard, Gengar and more to score the most points within an allotted time. A total of 20 Pokémon make up the game’s full roster, which you can check out here, and mobile gamers will be familiar with the various free and paid for in game currencies Aeos gems, Aeos coins, and Aeos tickets, as well as the expected items shops and battle passes. Despite the mobile style monetization, smartphone owners will have to wait until sometime around September this year for Unite to join the smash hit Pokémon Go on mobile phones. This will bring cross-play functionality with it and the same free to play starting price.

To preload Pokémon Unite or find out more, check out the Nintendo Switch eShop now.

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