Ponpu Explodes Onto PC and Console


Popnu, the hand-drawn love letter to classic Bomberman titles, is hoping it will blow up when it launches across PC and Console on 2 December.

Due to light a fuse on PC, via Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on 2 December this frantic multiplayer adventure is set to thrust players into competition against each other as your opponents duck and cover. Anybody who hs their hands on a Nintendo Switch will also find that they are ahead of the game, with Ponpu available right now, ahead of the rest of this bombastic family.

Anybody who picks up this hectic experience will find something more than a simple copy and paste, and a little bit of leftfield lore too. With the wrath of the all-seeing Duck God focused on the world, it is time for our planet to be refreshed through divine destruction and he has sent you, a Ponpu, as his herald of this decimation. However, a bump on the head during a crash landing took your memory and now you find yourself working against the Duck God in a carnage-fueled battle against other Ponpu to save the very world you were sent to destroy. Rather than reskinning an old idea, Ponpu provides players with an epic single-player campaign filled with a range of Boss fights and a range of inventive mechanics and a slightly anarchic streak. There are also plenty of destruction in Deathmatch, Coin Steal, and Paint Battle modes as you take the core skills of the deadly duckies and go head to head with your friends.


In addition, o celebrate the release of the game on Steam, Ponpu will also feature an eggtastic and eggsplosive duck-on-duck multiplayer competition in partnership with G-Loot. The first 150 Steam players who win 100 matches (regardless of game mode) will share in a €3000 prize pool. More information, including countries where the competition is approved, can be found at the official competition page here.

Ponpu looks set to be a great party game for anybody who can manage remote play or has a big household bubble. We’re definitely looking to grab some time with this when it glides out across Nintendo Switch, PC, via Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One over the next couple of days. Check out more on the official Ponpu website.

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